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Insurance Advice

While many of us don’t like to think about it, have you ever wondered how you or your family would cope should the main breadwinner suffer a serious illness or injury (or worse) that left them unable to return to work for weeks, months or permanently?

While many households may manage financially for a few weeks, or possibly longer, the situation can become increasingly dire as time moves on, especially when you consider ongoing expenses such as mortgage repayments, utility bills, school fees and so on.

On top of the emotional upheaval, the financial ramifications can be devastating.

At Kouteris Financial, we believe that insurance is the cornerstone of a sound financial plan. As part of our holistic approach, we’ll discuss various types of insurance cover that we feel may be suitable for you based on your circumstances and obligations as we understand them to be.

It’s all part of our duty of care to ensure that you and those you care for are adequately protected should the unexpected strike.

To find out more about our approach protecting your family and income, please contact us.

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