You can rest assured that your finances will be in good hands with Kouteris Financial

“I have known Chris Kouteris for quite a few years. I’m a 68 year old single lady and the information and understanding Chris has given me has been invaluable.

The minute he walked into my home I can remember thinking this is a man I’m going to be able to trust. As I get quite nervous about my superannuation and money matters in general, he immediately understood. Chris listened to me and knew that I wanted to be conservative with my hard earned money. At no time did he pressure me into being more adventurous, he just explained simply how superannuation works and he always assures me that I can ring him with any concerns I might have.

Chris is generous with his time, a real family man and a true gentleman . I now think of him as a friend and he has eased my mind so many times concerning my money matters.”

L. Brannock

“My wife and I felt the need six years ago to take control of our fast looming retirement finances. Our first step was to find a financial planner who could advise and structure a SMSF which best met our specific requirements. We initially approached our bank, and after a couple of preliminary discussions we were thoroughly underwhelmed with the advice we were given.

An acquaintance of ours recommended Kouteris financial services, and we could not have been happier with the service we were, and are still being provided. We continually have our investment strategy reassessed and updated.

We have always found Chris and his staff extremely helpful and efficient, and we are extremely grateful to them for the peace of mind that our retirement finances are in such good hands.”

P. Feehan

“We have been working with Chris for the last several years to prepare for our retirement. To our surprise and with Chris’s expertise we have reached a milestone of being in a very sound financial position.

I highly recommend Chris because he knows his financial ‘stuff’ and communicates in a very down to earth way. He listens well to our appetite for risk, dreams and aspirations without judgement, and surrounds himself with people who provide specialist expertise to ensure our portfolio maintains its steady growth.”

Importantly, Chris is not a high pressure salesman. We find him to be a friendly and personable adviser who always answers our questions in a timely manner.

We have every confidence in Chris as evidenced by the annual results in our portfolio, as well as our current financial status.

Without his guidance I might still have to be working!”

R. Coleman

“Chris has been looking after myself and my wife’s super needs for the past five years. Here is my story…

In 2008, I personally took control of my own super after having a bad experience with a Financial Planner.

For around six years, I invested in Cash Funds yielding around 3 or 4 per cent. One of my fellow workers told me about Chris and at that time, I had a little over $600,000 in superannuation savings.

Since engaging Chris, in the last five years my monthly draw down has been between $4500 and $4850. I have taken a lump sum of about $20,000 and as at August 2019, I still have a balance of $592,000.

I’m a happy camper.”

A. Schofield

“Twelve years ago we left our financial advisory company to find someone who actually cared about our financial future; and that person turned out to be Chris Kouteris.

From the outset Chris recognised our need for growth of our capital; yet tempered with our desire for longer term security.

As we transitioned to retirement, Chris has managed our finances to put us in a position where we are now financially secure and looking forward to a long and enjoyable retirement.

Over the years I have recommended Chris and Kouteris Financial Services to a number of friends and colleagues, all of whom continue to be advised by Chris.

I will continue to recommend Chris to anyone who is looking for sound financial advice from a caring, trustworthy and professional advisor.”

S. Mitchell

Kouteris Financial